November 7, 2013

Plumbing System & Maintenance - Important Information

Residents are reminded that Potowmack Crossing’s sewer drain lines are older and require careful maintenance due to the very heavy day to day use. We are on a quarterly sewer maintenance program including a monitoring system to signal should any high water situation begin to occur. Sewage back-ups cause great concern and expense for the whole association. We therefore ask for your full observance of the guidelines on what may and may not be placed in the toilets or drain lines.

DO NOT FLUSH the following items down the toilet (or wash them down a sink or tub) as they will likely cause a back-up that will result in unnecessary, costly repairs:

• Paper towels and related products
• Shipping or heavy paper
• Feminine Products, Condoms
• Mop Heads
• Dental Floss
• Baby Wipes, Diapers of any variety
• Cosmetic Facial Wipes
• Cat Litter
• Cigarettes, pipe cleaners, tobacco
• Swiffer or similar brand cleaning cloths
• Food products - especially Rice, Pasta, Cooking Oil and Grease
• Cleaning Rags, Cloth
• Dryer Sheets
• Latex or Medical Products
• Syringes
• Shell Fish Skin (shrimp peelings)
• Stringy or Fibrous Vegetables
• Coffee Grounds, Egg Shells

Keep in mind that products advertised as “flushable” may not be suitable for our aging plumbing system. It is best to dispose of these items in the trash. Flushing them will likely cause a back-up in our sewage lines.

If you employ a cleaning company, please provide a translated copy of this memo.

Your help is requested and is most appreciated. With everyone’s cooperation we can avoid unnecessary and costly service calls.