November 23, 2015

Holiday - Annual Meeting

Happy Thanksgiving Holiday to Everyone. The office will close at 12:30 Wednesday and re-open Monday, November  30th. Please be reminded during your meal prep that peelings from potatoes or onions can not go down the kitchen drains. It will cause a back up and more troubles.

The Community and Fitness Rooms are nearly ready for full service. Our goal is for the rooms to be ready by December 1st. Thank you for being so patient during this process. The gym floor has been updated with a new rubber floor tiles and it looks great!

The Annual Meeting is Monday, December 14th - please save the date for this important meeting. The draft 2016 budget will be discussed and the voting for Board member positions will be conducted. A quorum is required for the meeting to commence so please attend in person or via proxy. YOUR VOTE COUNTS!

If there should be an emergency while the office is closed please call CFM Management for service at 703-941-0818.

November 3, 2015

Veteran’s Day / 2016 Draft Budget / Annual Meeting

The office will be closed Wednesday, November 11, 2015 in observance of Veteran’s Day. If there is an emergency during this time please call CFM Management 703-941-0818 for immediate help.

The 2016 draft budget is being mailed to owners and reflects an increase of 1.86% effective January 2016. The budget will be presented and discussed at the November 16, 20015 meeting. Please plan to attend and present any issues or concerns you wish the Board to consider.

The Annual Meeting is scheduled for December 14, 2015. We hope to see everyone there to help celebrate another successful year.