April 26, 2016

May 1st Reminders

We have asked for everyone’s cooperation in two areas -

  • Check the bikes you ride to make sure they are rode worthy. Any bikes that have broken chains, flat tires or are inoperable will be discarded after May1st. Please check the Bike Rooms at both 1606 & 1728 and the out door bike racks.
  • The Moped Rack at the back of 1722 is specifically for Moped use. Bikes that are locked here should be relocated to a bike room or out door bike rack on or before May 1st.
  • Personal plants or herb gardens that have been planted will be discarded after May 1st. We have a beautiful variety of landscape with healthy trees, shrubs and flowers that enhance the property’s appeal. Potted plants, odd pots and other clay pots will be discarded by May 1st. Also flower boxes are not permitted to be placed in the window sills. These need to be removed right away.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support on these issues.

April 14, 2016

Bike Room Storage & Out Door Racks

Spring has arrived - We desperately need bike space. Please remove bikes that are not operational from the 1606 or 1728 Bike Rooms or the out door bike racks.

Moped racks are provided for Mopeds ONLY. Bikes should be moved to the bike racks at the back of the parking lot racks. There is one in each courtyard.

May 1st abandoned bikes will be removed, repaired and donated to charity.

Thank you for your cooperation