July 7, 2011

Friendly Reminders

1. Please be aware of your surroundings even though you may be close to home and feeling relaxed and care free. Be aware of people who may appear to be lingering on the property or who may be walking with no apparent purpose. It is also suggested to keep car doors locked at all times as a matter of security.

2. The Association’s Rules & Regulations specify that dogs are not permitted on the property for any reason with the exception of service animals. Service pets are considered individually with the proper documentation. These determinations are the only exception to the rule.    

3. The heat pumps should be serviced at least twice per year. During the summer months there will be condensation that accumulates however this water must make a free fall to the ground. It cannot drip on the brick surface or window ledges - the water erodes the window lintels and causes interior damage. A service technician can install an extension from the weep hole to deflect the water away from the brick surface.  

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